Flat End Plate for Slant/Fin Revital/Line Baseboard Heater Replacement Covers in Brite White

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  • End Plate for Revital/Line aluminum baseboard heater replacement covers.
  • Each End Plate is made of Aluminum and powder-coated to give a beautiful, durable baked enamel-like finish.
  • 1/8" Thick flat end plate is a nice option, use only if heating element does not extend length of cover. 
  • Easy to install with screws to fasten included.
  • End Plates are interchangeable and can be used on either right or left side.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Revitalize any room in your home... quickly and easily... with a pre-cut, snap-in-place baseboard cover.

Slant/Fin's Revital/Line pre-cut replacement covers will fit standard hydronic baseboard up to 8.5" H x 3" D. Simply measure your current baseboard, choose your color, and you're ready to begin. This product is designed to snap right over existing back panel. All you do is remove the old accessories, front panel, and damper and you're ready to slip on the new cover. 

The unique and modern design will provide durability and has been tested to provide up to 40% more heat output than the competitive brands currently in the market. It's amazing how simple it is to transform the look of any room. And, best of all, anyone can do it! Slant/Fin takes the guesswork out of it... and puts our unsurpassed quality into every Revital/Line makeover.