Introduction to Revital/Line Aluminum Baseboard Replacement Covers

Watch this video or read the summary below the video to learn more about Slant/Fin Revital/Line Aluminum Baseboard Replacement Covers and how to get started replacing your aging covers. No plumber needed to complete this DIY home improvement project.



Breathe new life into your old baseboard with Revital/Line, the new baseboard cover replacement system only from Slant/Fin. It is amazing how a simple baseboard upgrade can revitalize an entire room and best of all prep, ordering, and installation is as easy as one, two, three….

Using Slant/Fin’s foolproof three steps method, anyone can do it.

First step one: Measure the height, length, and depth of your existing baseboard to determine the type of cover required. (Get the Baseboard Replacement Cover Measuring Guide)

Now you are ready for step two: Dismantle those edging baseboard, simply remove the end caps, front-facing baseboard, and the damper.

Finally step three: Install. Set plastic spacers on the top of the heating element. For added support slide or snap metal wall bracket into the panel before or after placing the cover on existing back panel.

Now you are ready to position the covers over the wall mounted elements. With the brackets below the elements, slip the new cover over the back panel for stable fit.

Complete installation with your choice of chosen accessories. Quick and easy right?

Revital/Line cover replacement system for baseboard heating from Slant/Fin. Baseboard never looked so good!


  1. Measure your existing baseboard covers. Revital/Line Baseboard Replacement Covers will replace hot water (hydronic) radiators up to 8.5" high and 3" deep. (Get the Baseboard Replacement Cover Measuring Guide)
  2. Measure the length of your existing covers. We currently carry covers up to 5 feet as well as filler sleeves in 4 different sizes, so you can mix and match to the desired length.
  3. Determine what accessories you need. In addition to end caps, we carry inside corners, filler sleeves, and end plates. 
  4. Go to our catalog to place your order. Click here to see the full catalog. For your convenience, we have also bundled the covers and end caps into complete kits that you can see here


We have put together a measuring guide and printable shopping list to help you get started. The Measuring Guide walks you through the steps to determine if Revital/Line is compatible with your existing Baseboard Radiators as well as help you select the correct covers and accessories.

Get the FREE Measure Guide and we will send you an exclusive discount via email.

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