Bathroom Install - Slant/Fin Revital/Line Replacement Covers with 4-Inch End Caps and Filler Sleeve

Bathroom Install - Slant/Fin Revital/Line Replacement Covers with 4-Inch End Caps and Filler Sleeve

This bathroom shows the Slant/Fin Revital/Line Baseboard Replacement Covers in Brite White. We are able to cover this 10-foot section of baseboard radiator by using a filler sleeve to couple 2 5-foot covers. 

The installation includes:

  • 2x Slant/Fin Revital/Line Aluminum Baseboard Replacement Covers
  • 1x Slant/Fin Revital/Line Galvanized Steel Filler Sleeve
  • 2x Slant/Fin Revital/Line 4-Inch Galvanized Steel End Caps

Baseboard Replacement Covers

replace rusted baseboard coversOver time, the moisture in bathrooms often cause traditional steel covers to rust. It starts with a small scratch or dent in the paint than the moisture in the air goes to work and you are left with a rusty mess as shown in the "Before" image on the right.

Revital/Line Covers are made from rust-proof aluminum making them the best choice for bathroom projects.  

Inexpensive Home Improvement carries the covers in 2', 3', 3.5', 4', 5' and 6' lengths. Learn more about Revital/Line Covers here >>



Steel Filler Sleeve

slantfin revitalline filler sleeveRevital/Line Filler Sleeves are made of Galvanized Steel and are used to couple two covers when a cover longer than 6-feet is needed. Like the covers, the filler sleeves are beautifully powder coated in brite white for a durable, enamel-like finish.

For this bathroom project, the 5-Foot Covers almost perfectly butted against one another, so we used a 2" Filler Sleeve. If there was a gap between the two covers of up to 12", we can cover the gap with one of the larger Filler Sleeves.

Inexpensive Home Improvement carries the Filler Sleeves in 2", 4", 7", and 14" lengths.Learn more about Revital/Line Filler Sleeves here >> 

Revital/Line End Caps 

slantfin revitalline end capThe Slant/FIn Revital/Line 4" End Capes are made from galvanized steel and beautifully powder coated in brite white for a durable, enamel-like finish. It replicates the look of your existing covers and the east snap off design makes for easy access to shut off or bleeder valves.

Inexpensive Home Improvement carries three choices for finishing the ends of your covers - Aluminum End Plates, 4" Steel End Caps, and 2" Steel End Caps.  Learn more about Revital/Line End Plates here and Revital/Line End Caps here.

Measure Guide

We are here to help! If you have any questions about Revital/Line or this installation add your questions to the comments below. 

Also, we have put together a FREE Measure Guide to help you get your DIY Baseboard Replacement Cover project started. You can get your FREE Measure Guide here >>

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